How the Solr import itself can help you detect the structure of your data

I recently wrote that Solr can be populated from json without any pre-configuring or pre-defining of data fields and data structures. This feature is very handy. It permits injecting a lot of data without knowing the full structure of it, and having Solr tell you about the structure once it is imported, so that you can decide on it with a certain support.

Real data is out there

Let’s find an example dataset and see how this works. We could just make one up, but it’s a lot more fun to use real data, and it’s also more fun to have some size on the…

Many, many years ago, I made an internet search engine. I was working in a company where we used Rebol in some projects, and I had fun creating a crawler that looked up pages on the internet containing the word rebol. It collected the contents of such web pages and put it in a MySQL database with full-text indexing.

This was «The RIX»: A search engine written in Rebol, indexing Rebol sites only. I remember I felt a bit proud when Carl Sassenrath mentioned it on his blog. He wrote that it was smart:

you can ask it to search…

Hallvard Ystad

TellusR community manager @ Sannsyn

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