Introducing TellusR for Solr search enhancements

The Solr dashboard
The Solr dashboard with various technical details

TellusR to the rescue

The TellusR/Central gives you a clear view of the usage of your Solr installation
  • Most of the code is Kotlin, which we found to be the easiest way to write safe and efficient code that would interoperate easily with the Solr kernel
  • Although normal Solr plugins are simple jar files inserted in a given folder, TellusR is almost an ecosystem of its own, so we use docker to be able to supply all the functions without interfering with other setups on your server
  • We improve the Solr search itself using word vectors built with neural networks
  • We improve the Solr autocompleter in your search box using n-grams to analyze input words, which gives a better fault-tolerance
  • We embed an A/B-tester within TellusR, so you can try out different configurations for your search and know what works by looking at the numbers instead of just trusting your gut feeling
  • We surveil query time in searches, so you’ll see any slowness right away
  • We register all query activity, so you can find out if you’re making the big zero-hit mistake (and if so, remedy it)




TellusR community manager @ Sannsyn

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Hallvard Ystad

Hallvard Ystad

TellusR community manager @ Sannsyn

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